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Creating Habits That Generate Incredible Results!

Say "YES" to a bigger life

Have you wanted to say “YES” but held yourself back?

Overcome your fears

“Every fear that you challenge gets you closer to your authentic self.”

live your authentic life

The more fears you overcome the more of your true self is revealed.

Establish Clarity

Eliminate the chatter that holds you back.

Overcome your scariest fears

I will empower you to take on your fears, and create true freedom.

Get to know Your Coach

Coaching that will help you live a better and more fulfilling life!

What Is Empowerment Coaching?

A life coach creates an individualized program to help their clients improve their life.  I will design a plan of action that will help you achieve personal milestones and/or professional success.   Life coaching consists of being a mentor, consultant, and developing a friendship.

Who Is Coaching For?

An Empowerment Coach is for people who are ready to raise their standard of living. There are many reasons why coaching is effective, and I like to name a few: Expand your mind to think bigger, creating habits that create results, and learning how to become an asset so you can attract people.

You will have the most exceptional support during the coaching process, with the goals that we have created. You will learn to stop holding yourself back and create your deepest desires.

We will work together to create a program that is specifically designed for you. Together we celebrate your wins and look at any barriers that you might need to improve. Coaching is rewarding for both the client coach, as you grow into new areas in your life.
Investing in yourself will produce positive results. If your looking to build momentum and create new and exciting changes, then coaching is perfect for you.

My Approach?

I offer a customized approach that empowers others to develop their sincere desire to succeed.  We spend our meeting times on a plan of action to obtain your vision.  Together as we build our coaching relationship, you will discover your hidden talents. Together we will eradicate the obstacles that are holding you back from your best life.

We will create a different morning routine that will set the tone for the day.  Often, we don’t take action because of how we view ourselves.  You will learn to start the day with bold expectations. Growth is a continual process that takes belief and action.


How do you see yourself?

That is where we will start.  I have found when you’re solid in your idea about who you are, that is when you can move mountains.  Coaching is a rewarding venture for both the client and myself.  Nothing gets me more excited when I see my client’s faces shine after they discover what they can accomplish. It truly is a Win-Win!

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5 Steps to Gaining Clarity and Living Your Authentic Self.


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1. How long is the coaching program?

You can choose from 3-month program, 6-month program or one-year program.

2. How often do we meet?

Once a week for 55 minutes.

3. Where do we meeting?

In person or on a live zoom call

4. How will the program be developed to my specific needs?

The first session will be a strategy session and it will be personally tailored to your needs.

5. Can I choose to make payments?


Own Your Dreams

What does it mean to own your Dreams?  Carol Feeley and 20 other authors answer this question.  Each other has struggled with massive obstacles.  Each chapter gives actionable steps that you can apply to your life so you too can Own Your Dreams.

Own Your Dreams

What does it mean to own your Dreams?  Carol Feeley and 20 other authors answer this question.  Each other has struggled with massive obstacles.  Each chapter gives actionable steps that you can apply to your life so you too can Own Your Dreams.

Coaching Packages

Design Your Life
90-day Program

Understand your Why
establish clarity for gaining focus
raise your self-awareness
design an action plan
create healthy habits
make self-care a priority
build a successful relationship
overcome your scariest fears
create affirmations that work

Build your Health & Wealth
6-month Program

Includes 90-Day Program plus

Jump out of your comfort zone
create results you want
Define your intentions
How to create consistency
develop communicate for success
train your brain for profit
gain visibility in your market
own your power
express your true self



Conquer your Life
1-year Program

Includes 6-month Program plus

become laser-focused
create a money mindset
visualize your dreams into reality
Increase productivity
experience your authentic life
Massive action in planning
know the power of yes
fire-up your life purpose
blow your own mind

About Me

Carol Feeley is a  Peak Empowerment Trainer and Coach.  She works diligently at optimizing her clients by building momentum, creating clarity, and increasing their productivity.  Her passion is to empower others to live their big, authentic life.

She has been a member of Toastmasters International for over seven years and has earned her Distinguished Toastmaster Award.  Having gone through the Toastmaster Leadership track she has served as Area Director and Division Director.


“Carol Feeley is truly amazing that after attending her workshop I decided to coach with her.  Her accountability has helped me tremendously!  Not only does she truly care, she passionate about helping.”

– Gabby Castro

“I have been working with Coach Carol for several months and it has been an absolute joy. I was feeling stuck in certain areas of my life and business and she has helped me to make lasting changes. I very much enjoy her perspective on things and feel honored to be one of her first clients!
She is positive, engaged, bold and tells me “like it is!” Which I need desperately!
I highly recommend her for anyone feeling “stuck” and that needs that extra bit of encouragement, support, and honesty. “

Kristen Roby Garcia, Health Coach

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