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Hi, I’m Carol Feeley!


 My Story

The most significant gift I give to the world is my smile and laughter. I received this gift as I watched my Mom demonstrate her laughter and love for people. She loved to talk to everyone.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Like Mom, I have become a people person. I am at my happiest when I am engaging with others. My enthusiasm for life has grabbed the attention of others, especially children! It is this enthusiasm that birthed a career in child development. As a teacher, I enjoyed seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces as they engaged in story-time.

I became known as the cheerleader of the school for the children and staff. It was very natural for me to motivate others.
I taught Pre-Kindergarten for 14 years. During my twelfth year of
teaching, I joined a public speaking and leadership course
called Toastmasters. It was a perfect fit because I had already been taking personal development courses.

After a decade of personal development, I felt compelled to take a turn in my life and reinvented myself. Today, I am an Empowerment Coach.

Throughout my journey, I discovered most people hold back on
themselves, and it doesn’t have to be that way. There is nothing more rewarding than to see my clients empowered to achieve their best life.

My mission in life is for others to say Yes, to a BIGGER life. My unique coaching style enables my clients to gain insight into their biggest passions in life. Come and enjoy the journey. I will lead you to your more significant life.

My Values & Beliefs

My values and belief align with the acronym of love. I LOVE opening the door for people as I watch them accomplish their deepest desires.  This acronym explains the expectation of our time together.

L  is for listening.

Listening needs to be purposeful for both the client and the coach. I create a safe environment where they feel free to be themselves. We will have our session in the comfort of their own home or through a video chat. This process elevates distraction allowing each of us to listen to one another.

O  is for overcoming.

Building a trusting relationship is a priority. You might share some personal information with a coach that you never told a family member. I create a safe place to help my clients discuss the difficult areas in their life. This type of space can create a significant impact on coaching development. My friendly atmosphere empowers my clients.

V   is for vision.

Faith is the oxygen that breathes life in your vision. You must see it and believe it with no evidence. When phases of your training are challenging, it is a vision that will help you stay in the game. My step by step process will help you make your vision a reality. Visualization is a crucial element in getting the desired outcome.

E   is for enthusiasm.

It’s an exciting time when you partner with a coach. The enthusiasm you receive from me will direct you to success when you follow my guidance. By implementing continual action steps, you will see a return on your investment. Enthusiasm is an excellent motivator. When you create a clear direction it will open up a world of creativity for you.

My Approach

I offer a customized approach that empowers others to develop their sincere desire to succeed.  We spend our meeting times on a plan of action to obtain your vision.  Together as we build our coaching relationship, you will discover your hidden talents. Together we will eradicate the obstacles that are holding you back from your best life.

We will create a different morning routine that will set the tone for the day.  Often, we don’t take action because of how we view ourselves.  You will learn to start the day with bold expectations. Growth is a continual process that takes belief and action.

How do you see yourself?

That is where we will start.  I have found when you’re solid in your idea about who you are, that is when you can move mountains.  Coaching is a rewarding venture for both the client and myself.  Nothing gets me more excited when I see my client’s faces shine after they discover what they can accomplish. It truly is a Win-Win!

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